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PostWhat does 1 year in business look like?

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Hey, floralpreneurs! Growing a business is a journey. It’s not a sprint, not a straight line, and there’s no guarantee that anybody wants what you’re selling. I started my floral design business 15 years ago…before Facebook or social media pressures/rewards existed. When I started Floral Artistry I made my own business cards on my desktop […]

PostAre you eager to book weddings for 2017? First, consider this….

In a seasonal business like weddings and events it can be a true test of confidence when one season comes to a close and you’re eager to book next year’s calendar. This year I’m finding couples are booking much earlier for the upcoming wedding season and in fact, my calendar is nearly full. I may […]

PostBuilding a brand: A look at my most recent attempt at Branding My Biz.

Business owners can’t avoid the demands of the day….bookkeeping, employees, product sourcing, insurance, taxes….the list is long. And on top of all the things we “must” do, social media, branding and ideal clients are top of mind for most creative entrepreneurs. Real flower business is what I care about. I’m less concerned with appearing busy […]

PostWelcome to Real Flower Business Blog

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Hello, floralpreneur! Thanks for noticing me! I’m truly happy that you’re here. Welcome to my brand new blog. This week I’m so excited to announce my newest and biggest course: The Art of Good Business. Floralpreneurs will leave the course with a deeper understanding of who your ideal customers are and how to attract more […]

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