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Hello, floralpreneur!

Thanks for noticing me! I’m truly happy that you’re here.

Welcome to my brand new blog.

This week I’m so excited to announce my newest and biggest course:

The Art of Good Business.

Floralpreneurs will leave the course with a deeper understanding of who your ideal customers are and how to attract more customers that love you. You’ll develop skills to identify your own unique blend of talents that make up your one-of-a-kind brand by looking inwards and practicing talking directly to ideal customers. Florists will also learn how to better improve website engagement to increase inquiries and improve the overall first impression/first point of contact with potential customers. In regards to customer service, florists will gain valuable strategies around client management, prequalifying customers and creating an outstanding customer service experience.

You can read the full details on my sales page here. I call my new course “a digital experience” because I will be walking through the course with you virtually from start to finish.

The course begins January 9th, 2017. New lessons will be released every Monday for 5 weeks. (You’ll be able to complete the course before Valentine’s Day.) The course is available for purchase today.

I’ll be hosting a private Facebook group to correspond with the course with weekly livestreams and live office hours so I can answer your questions in real time. I will vary the times a bit each week to allow designers in other time zones/hemispheres to hop on for some live discussions. (I know some of my favorite Aussie’s are usually sleeping when I host live events! I don’t want you to miss out!)

Branding Course for Florists

I’ve been sharing free business education with floral designers for over 6 years now, first on FlirtyFleurs.com and via my YouTube channel, and now on my very own blog.

People often ask me why I share so much for free? The answer is easy:

I am passionate about the art of good business.

About 1 year ago I invited florists to join my e-mail list and last November I released my very first online course, Flower Math, The Florist’s Guide To Pricing & Profitability.

I didn’t really have a plan when I created my first course. I knew there were florists who struggle to turn a profit and I knew I could show them exactly how I price my work & create recipes to ensure my profit margins. It felt like a big risk to share such an intimate behind-the-scenes look at my process, but it was all very organic (aka genuinely from my heart!) so I had to move through any worries or doubts about whether this was a good idea and just do it!

I didn’t have any intentions to create more courses. I thought Flower Math would be “my only course” because I hadn’t considered teaching any other topics.

Pricing is my wheelhouse.

Profitability is my jam.

Over the past year my e-mail list has grown to nearly 900 subscribers and a few months ago, I started a Facebook group just for floral pro’s (which has been pretty awesome and includes almost 900 members…and counting!) and now, here I am, blogging on my newly re-named website: profuse-knife.flywheelsites.com.

This has been a major year of growth and production for me. 

I’ve never worked quite so hard…and it’s been really rewarding.

After I released Flower Math a florist-friend (half jokingly) suggested I make e-mail templates to help other floral pro’s the way I sometimes helped her with tricky or difficult conversations. I thought it sounded brilliant. I love to turn a phrase. At the time I was already about half-way done with a proposal template I’d been working on, so I hopped right on it and about 2 months after releasing my “one and only course idea”, I suddenly had 2 new downloadable courses; 12 E-Mail Templates and How To Write Proposals That Sell.

A few weeks ago I released my third downloadable course, Wedding Workflow, which shares 16 Steps To Client Management. This course gives designers a look behind the curtain at my own personal approach to customer service from the initial inquiry to the post-wedding day follow-up and I’m really proud of the value it provides.

When florists tell me they used one of my templates and booked a gig or refused to reduce their price I celebrate that victory with them. What we say and how we say it tells our clients so much about who we are and what we’re willing to accept. Honing the voice of our business (and hence, our brand) is no small detail. I’ve been mining this area of branding and customer service for a long time…

And now I have my biggest course yet! The Art Of Good Business.

photo by Orchard Cove PhotographySo that’s the word. My “big reveal”. I have a newer, bigger, “more online than ever before” online course and it is going to be awesome!

And…I’m blogging now! So you’ll be able to hop on over here to find the free content you’ve come to know (and hopefully love) from me.

If you have questions for me or want to drop me a line any time you can reach me at info@floralartvt.com

Thanks so much for stopping by my new blog!

Keep doing beautiful work!

With love from me to you,


P.S. If you’re a floralpreneur who’s digging my content please share the love with a floral designer you know and love!

P.P.S. MAJOR THANKS to Amanda of Orchard Cove Photography for the shots you see in today’s post!

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