PostBuilding a brand: A look at my most recent attempt at Branding My Biz.

Business owners can’t avoid the demands of the day….bookkeeping, employees, product sourcing, insurance, taxes….the list is long. And on top of all the things we “must” do, social media, branding and ideal clients are top of mind for most creative entrepreneurs.

Real flower business is what I care about.

I’m less concerned with appearing busy and more focused on creating business for myself.

Today’s video shares my most recent attempt at branding for my biz. If you’re looking for “more than a business card” you will want to see this branding tip.

I am by no means a branding expert. In fact, my lack of expertise in branding may be precisely why I’m well suited to share today’s video with you….because branding is complicated, but it could be simpler than you think.

I appreciate you taking a few minutes to watch.

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What are you doing to up-your-game around your brand or branding? Do you ask yourself, “Why do I keep getting clients with unrealistic expectations?”

It may be something you’re doing or saying on your website copy…or through your e-mail correspondence…or via your social media shares…or it may just be that you have too many inquiries to keep up with. If you’re attracting too many potential customers and you need to narrow your field.

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Above is a pic I snapped on my phone before delivering the bride’s bouquet on Saturday. It was worth arriving 30 minutes early to be able to take the time to find a few different spots!