PostAre you eager to book weddings for 2017? First, consider this….

In a seasonal business like weddings and events it can be a true test of confidence when one season comes to a close and you’re eager to book next year’s calendar.

This year I’m finding couples are booking much earlier for the upcoming wedding season and in fact, my calendar is nearly full. I may only take on 2 more weddings for next year. It’s nice when people plan ahead!

Whether your calendar is booking quickly or you don’t normally start booking until November or December, there’s an understandable eagerness to book ’em, and book ’em now!

BEFORE booking, it’s important that you’re on the same page with a potential customer…because this relationship has to endure several months of planning.

Doubt and uncertainty can lead to unnecessary hassles as a creative business owner and you don’t want to be in a position where you have to constantly reassure a client that you’re up for the job.

Click below to watch today’s video on The Importance of Contracts in your Flower Business.

This was a live Periscope that aired in March so if you missed it, here’s your chance to check it out.



Before signing a contract you must have a meeting of the minds.

It doesn’t matter if a client agrees to work with you if they question your every move.

You can’t invest too much time trying to convince people that you’re “worth it”.

The goal is to find clients who choose you for YOU.


Floralpreneurs often tell me that I talk about “the stuff no one else talks about”…ie. the BUSINESS aspect of floral design.

The art of the business-side of our job excites me at least as much as the design work.

I love the nuances of managing clients, building a reputable brand and delivering excellent service.

Quick story: I spent over 2 hours on the phone strategizing with a floral designer who’s about to branch out and grow her already successful business. After our long and heartfelt conversation I felt fired up! I could have talked to this particular designer all day. She’s about to be very brave and take a leap that will push her out of her comfort zone….and I know she will soar.

When her new project is ready I am sure you’ll read about here….she’s flower famous so you’re most likely familiar with her work. I’ll be in her corner, highlighting her efforts and sharing her unique awesomeness with y’all.

So stay tuned….



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